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I hope that you enjoy finding out what we are doing in our classes. This will be an area that will celebrate our learning and keep you up to date with the things that we are learning about.

Happy Learning!

Early Years Curriculum

The children develop through playing and exploring active learning and creating and thinking critically. There are 7 areas of learning which are divided into the:


  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development,
  • Communication and Language and
  • Physical Development

Specific areas

  • Literacy,
  • Maths, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design

The prime areas are fundamental throughout the EYFS and the specific areas include the skills and knowledge which provide important contexts for learning and they develop more fully towards the end of the early years. The children carry out lots of practical experiences through which they are encouraged to explore and experiment.

The children use both the indoor and outdoor classroom during teacher-directed and child-initiated times. We have a particular love for outdoor learning and come rain or shine, we explore and play outside in our outdoor environment.

To read more about our Curriculum in Reception have a look at our EYFS medium-term planning

Whilst using the EYFS statutory framework, we also use ‘Development Matters’ to guide our learning. Our EYFS Curriculum goals are what we would like the children to aspire to become and achieve by the end of their time with us. We provide a thorough and vast range of experiences where we actively encourage child-initiated, purposeful learning to help inspire this.  



Shireen Class Sail the Seven Seas

This week we have been exploring pirates! We have created our own pirate ship, become pirates, hidden treasure and created maps. For maths we have been learning simple addition using the phrases, first, then and now. First I have 3 bugs, then I added 2 bugs and now I...

Hamilton class – Spring 2

Getting ready for our Easter hat parade! It's going to be lots of fun showing off our fabulous Easter hats. Lining up as we make our way to the parade. Muniya and Aliyah excited for the parade. Sumayya and Mi'Layah are ready for the parade too. Caleb is a fireman....

A day of art in Hamilton Class.

This week we were visited by Bow Arts. The children had a great day getting creative.

Still Life with Shireen Class

This week spring arrived in Shireen class, we spoke about the different parts of the flower and the colours we needed to use to paint our flowers. first we had a go at drawing the flower exactly how we could see it then we pained the flower using greens and yellows....

World Book Day- Shireen Class

To celebrate world book day, this week we listened to a variety of stories, then during free flow our activities were based on the stories. We listened to 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' then had to thread the hungry caterpillar through all of the fruits in the water...

Geography in Hamilton Class

We read the story - 'The Snail and the Whale', and then explored the different environments that the snail visited. We looked at volcanoes, beaches and mountains and then used Google Earth to find them on our planet. We also did a volcano experiment and had a go at...

Hamilton Class – People Who Help Us.

This half-term we have been learning about all the people who help us in our lives from family members to doctors and the fire-brigade. We have also explored Chinese New Year and different materials, such as wood, plastic and fabric. Md Adam Larbi made a police badge....

Super Shireen Class!

We have had a mission to help FireMan Sam, make some gloves to stop his hand getting wet from putting out the fires with the water hose. We did this by trying different materials and estimating which ones will keep his hands dry. We notice that the tin can, the...

Chinese New Year in Hamilton Class

Safa and Maraljin making Chinese lanterns. Aarayan makes his lantern. Minh puts on the tiger mask ready for the New Year Dance. Hawa and Haydn do Chinese calligraphy. Sarah and Anaya also doing calligraphy. Nabil writing the first letter of his name in Chinese. Dawud...

Shireen- People Who Help Us

we have been learning about people who help us we know that ,any people who help us wear uniforms and have badges, this is so that it is easy to identify who is able to help us. We then had some opportunities to dress up and become some people who help us. We even had...

Recent news

Sports Day

Today all of KS1 and KS2 headed over to Bartlett Park for our annual sports day. Early Years used their beautiful outside area. It was very exciting to be on a school trip! There were activities set up, including javelin throwing, egg and spoon race, obstacle course,...

Football Crazy

England making it to their first major football final in 55 years is certainly something to celebrate. Today, all classes had a special football fixture in our Wembley Stadium football cage. It was a fun, sporty day with lots of positive team spirit and laughter. Good...

What Do You Think?

Philosophy for Children, otherwise known as P4C, is a subject in which children participate in philosophical enquiry. This enhances children's thinking and communication skills and boosts their self-esteem. There are 4 skills of P4C which are: caring, collaborative,...

Tes Creative School of the Year shortlist

Tes Creative School of the Year shortlist

We are delighted to let you know that Lansbury Lawrence has been shortlisted for the Tes Creative School of the Year award, 2021. We are one of only 8 schools to be shortlisted, nationally. We are very proud of our commitment to creativity at Lansbury Lawrence, and...