Working in collaboaration with Akram Khan Company, Lansbury Lawrence was successful in securing funding from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation Teacher Development Fund for five Tower Hamlets primary schools to work with professional dancers. The project is developing teachers understanding of dance and movement, and how this new learning can be incorporated within their teaching practice. 

As the art organisation partnering with Lansbury Lawrence on the teacher training programme, we are impressed by the level of ambition they have for their children and staff. The school’s ethos combined with the skillset and and vision of the Assistant Headteacher, Kerri Sellens, enables our collaboration to develop teachers’ confidence and understanding of dance whilst making a long-term impact on the bigger community of Tower Hamlets through children and families.

The school has a profound conviction that the arts can contribute to spark something in each one of us and we are grateful to work with an education organisation that shows such an unwavering commitment to explore creative practices and create opportunities to inspire their children and workforce further. The school brings an indisputable level of excellence and integrity to the global field of education.

Christine Maupetit, Legacy Creative Producer

Dancing in Zero Gravity

Dancing in Zero Gravity

Year 5 are exploring the topic of space this term. This afternoon, we used dance to understand what it would be like to be an astronaut. There is no gravity in space so we used our imaginations and bodies to see how it would feel to move in space without gravity. We...