Room For Art

Lansbury Lawrence Primary School is proud of the creative curriculum that it provides for children. Last year, the school embarked on an ambitious project with architects Matt+Fiona and the Whitechapel Gallery, to create a much-needed Room for Art. Under the guidance of Matt+Fiona, children researched, planned and designed a bespoke art room that could be used by everyone in the wider community. The children’s work has been exhibited at the Whitechapel Gallery and the Canary Wharf Community Gallery and is now on display in the school entrance.

The school is now fundraising to make the Room for Art a reality.

So far we have raised £25,000 for the project which has enabled us to take the project through to the planning stage. We expect to hear the outcome for the planning application by the 12th June.

Lansbury Lawrence Primary School would like to thank all of these people and organsiations for supporting our journey so far:

  • Whitechapel Gallery; Poplar HARCA; The Mayor of Tower Hamlets; Canary Wharf Group; Matt+Fiona; A New Direction; The Poplar Partnership; London East Teacher Training Alliance