School-Home Support

At Lansbury Lawrence we have a dedicated School–Home Support Liaison Officer, Maureen Padmore

Maureen supports parents and carers in a wide range of activities, events, and services to ensure that Lansbury Lawrence children do well at school, and that their carers feel that they are fully supported.

Maureen can be found in the playground at the beginning and end of school every day. Her support includes:

  • settling in and induction at school
  • transitions to secondary or other school (s)
  • home visits
  • encouraging better attendance and punctuality.
  • getting access to support services
  • benefits / housing / welfare needs
  • parent/carer groups
  • fundraising events
  • parenting programmes
  • courses and workshops
  • supporting you to discuss your child’s progress
  • help with paperwork and documents which you need to complete

Please speak to her if you have a specific question or would just like some help.

If you would like to make a confidential appointment, please call the office on (0207) 987 4589


Parents and carers group meets every Friday afternoon from 2pm.