The Governing Board

Welcome from the Chair of Governors


On behalf of the Governors of Lansbury Lawrence Primary School I am pleased to welcome you to our website, and to thank you for your interest in our school.

As Governors we are committed to make Lansbury Lawrence the most successful and effective school it can be and want to enable our pupils to develop their potential to excel both at school and in their lives outside; now and in the future. We are grateful to have an excellent team of staff at Lansbury Lawrence who make our vision and stratgey into reality.

The educational system in which we operate is changing at an unprecedented rate. The Governors are committed to embracing that challenge and to making sure the school is in the best possible position to take advantage of the many opportunities that change brings.

Lansbury Lawrence School is a fantastic place, and we hope that you enjoy exploring our website and coming to the school itself. Whether you are a pupil, a parent, a new member of staff, or just a visitor, welcome to our school.

India Miller

Chair of Governors at Lansbury Lawrence Primary School

As a Governing Board we commit ourselves positively to:

  • support the school in its work of developing and educating its pupils and in overcoming any obstacles which arise
  • challenge and encourage the school to create and maintain a determined drive to improve the progress and results achieved by pupils
  • take collective responsibility and hold ourselves and the school to account for the outcomes of the pupils
  • monitor the school’s effectiveness in achieving its objectives
  • represent the broader interests of the Community within the school
  • ensure that resources are used effectively to support the long term viability of the school to achieve its aims


As individual governors, we commit ourselves to play a full part in the work of the Governing Board. We undertake to:

  • attend meetings regularly
  • scrutinise and evaluate reports, policies and proposals submitted to us carefully and objectively
  • seek to make positive contributions to discussions and decision-making
  • respect confidentiality
  • support all governing body decisions once made, working collectively
  • visit the school in line with the agreed protocols to improve our individual and collective understanding of it, and report back to the Full Governing Board to support our role in monitoring and evaluation, challenge and support

The Full Governing Board meets 4 times a year, once each term with an additional meeting in May to ratify the budget. There are also three committees which comprise of members of the governing board. The committees meet 3 times a year and will provide further support and challenge to the work of the school and will report back to the Full Governing Board with recommendations where appropriate. Minutes of all governor meetings are available from the school office on request. The three committees are:

  • Personnel, Finance and Premises Committee
  • Curriculum and Achievement Committee
  • Children, Family and Community Committee

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