In Reception we are examining our feelings and emotions. We are learning that to be a good learner and good friend we need to be ready to learn, calm and feeling okay. In P4C (Philosophy for Children), we started by talking about the four zones of emotion. The children were asked to display the different emotions with their actions and voices. We ended by ensuring that all children knew that the Green Zone was a ready to learn place.

We talked to our talk partners to share our ideas and thoughts.

We then discussed our philosophical question:

You can see some of the responses on the final flipchart at the end.

We made a note of some children’s thoughts.

Next, we stretched our thinking by posing another question:

How would you feel if your were building a tower and it kept falling over.?

Ataullah felt sad whilst Adam M said he would not give up and he would make it smaller.

Finally, we divided the room into 4 spaces and asked the question:

As you can see the majority felt sad but some were angry, some happy and others chose something else.