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Of a middle-class family from the West Riding of Yorkshire, Barbara Hepworth was born in Wakefield on 10 January 1903. She trained in sculpture at Leeds School of Art (1920-1) and, on a county scholarship, at the Royal College of Art (1921-4).  Her work exemplifies Modernism and in particular modern sculpture.

In Year 3 children have the opportunity to write in many different formats, have guided reading daily, visit the school library to get a book to take home as well as consolidating and progressing their learning in maths through number, shape, data handling and problem solving.

Reading books and reading diaries go home every afternoon and are brought to school every morning. We encourage the children to read every night, and write in their reading diary each time they do so. To support maths you could help them practice their mental maths and times tables.

PE will take place on Wednesday mornings. Children need a plain white t-shirt and blue jogging bottoms or shorts to change into, as well as suitable footwear (plimsolls or trainers).

Homework is given out once a week on a Friday and will be due in the following Friday. If children are finding it difficult, discuss this with the teacher.

Year 3 will perform an assembly about the things they have been learning in class on the 4th March 2016 . Parents are welcome to attend these.

Recent news

Autumn Term 1 – The Human Body

How do I keep healthy?
During this half term children learned how to keep themselves healthy. They looked at balanced diets, the skeleton and investigated the effects of exercise on their bodies in Science. In English, children learned the story of The Skeleton Woman. They enjoyed getting into character and exploring the story through acting.

Spring Term 1 – Who were the Romans?

During the first Spring term, Year 3 learned all about The Romans. Through our story, Remus and Romulus, we learned about how people lived in Roman times. Also, we found out about the Roman Empire, how it spread and the role of the soldiers.

Our Science topic was Forces and Magnets. We went on an exciting trip to the Science Museum, where we saw a show about magnets, air resistance and upthrust.

Summer Term 1 – Mighty Mountains

This term, we have started to learn about some of the tallest mountains in the world. We will learn where they are located using the World Atlas, how tall they are and the different features of each mountain.

Our Science topic was Light. We learnt about different sources of light and learnt about how shadows are formed. We made our own shadow puppets to tell our story that we have been writing in English.

Autumn Term 2 – Stone Age to Iron Age

This has been an exciting half term for Year 3. We have been learning all about the Stone Age and finding out how the hunter-gatherers lived in comparison to us. We have been writing about a Stone Age boy and mammoths. In Science, we have been looking at types of rocks and investigating how they change under different conditions. Our trip to the Natural History Museum was an opportunity to look at rocks and fossils, and this included dinosaur bones.

Spring Term 1 – The Iron man

Robots, robots and more robots! Yes, you’ve guessed it. This term we will be learning all about the Iron Man! We will be making Iron Man robots with moving parts in our classes so come and have a look once they are finished. We will also be writing amazing descriptions of the Iron Man and discussing whether or not he should help the people in the story.

In Science, we will be growing Space Seeds that have just come from an international space station. We will be looking to see if they grow differently to normal seeds! How exciting is that!

Summer Term 2 – Anglo- Saxons and the Scots

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