Welcome to the Lansbury Lawrence Primary School website. We are a successful, multi-cultural nursery and primary school in the heart of Poplar in the East London Borough of Tower Hamlets. We have 2 forms of entry from Reception to Year 6 and we have a very large nursery of 150 pupils.

We apply our Growth Mindset to everything that we do; whether we’re making friends, solving a maths challenge, telling a story or building our imagination. It gives us high expectations of ourselves and each other.  All of our staff and pupils understand that by being ambitious, looking for challenges and working hard, we can go further and do better.  (read more)

Tower Hamlets Film Festival

Yesterday, Kahlo Class travelled to Rich Mix cinema in Shoreditch to attend the My Tower Hamlets film festival! Schools from all over Tower Hamlets were in attendance to watch their film. Some schools created stop-motion animations while other schools created live...

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How Sound Travels

We're currently learning about sound in Science, so yesterday we conducted an investigation into how sound travels. We used wire coat hangers and string to make Ear Gongs! Here are some photos of the investigation in action: But how do these Ear Gongs work? When the...

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