GoldsworthyYear 1:  Goldsworthy class

Andy Goldsworthy, OBE is a British sculptor, photographer and environmentalist producing site-specific sculpture and land art situated in natural and urban settings. He lives and works in Scotland



In Year 1 children have the opportunity to write in many different formats, they have guided reading and phonics lessons daily, visit the school library to get a book to take home as well as consolidating and progressing their learning in maths through number, shape, data handling and problem solving.

Reading books and reading diaries go home every afternoon and are brought to school every morning. We encourage the children to read every night, and write in their reading diary each time they do so. To support maths you could help them practice their mental maths and times tables.

PE will take place on Fridays. Children need a plain white t-shirt and blue jogging bottoms or shorts to change into, as well as suitable footwear.

Homework is given out once a week on a Friday and will be due in the following week. If children are finding it difficult, discuss homework club with the teacher.

Year 1 will perform an assembly about the things they have been learning on the 23rd June 2017.  Parents are welcome to attend these.

Recent news

Autumn Term 1 – Woodlands

This half term year 1 are using the story, ‘The Owl who was afraid of the dark’, to launch their topic on woodlands.  In English they will learn to write in full sentences when they retell the story and then invent their own.  They will be learning all about woodlands- the animals and plants that live there, where they can be found and what they are like. Towards the end of the half term they will be visiting Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park which is home to an amazing woodland. The children will also have the opportunity to see owls up close when they visit the school in October! Maths is taught through maths mastery; the first half term will focus on counting, finding 1 or 10 more or less than numbers and adding.

Spring Term 1 – The Toy Museum

This term year 1’s topic is ‘Who plays with a toy like this?

In English we have learnt the story ‘Lost in the Toy Museum’ before telling and writing our own stories about toys. We have also written adverts to try and persuade you to buy one of them!

In January we visited the V & A Museum of Childhood, in Bethnal Green, where we investigated moving toys. The museum contains hundreds of toys, some new and some old. We explored the museum and found one of the characters from the story, Bunting, the cat.

We have played with toys, and investigated the materials they are made from. We even set up own our own toy shop and used coins to pay for some of the items.

Summer Term 1 – Our Garden

Year 1’s first summer topic is ‘Global Gardens’. We are going to visit the Soanes Centre and learn about the different parts of plants and what a plant needs to grow. We will collect leaves and flowers and learn how to sort these.

In English we are learning the story of Jack and the beanstalk. We will write our own stories and debate what should happen to Jack. We are measuring weight, capacity and length in maths using non-standard and standard units.

We will also find out about plants that are grown for food; we are going to bake bread using different types of flour and seeds!

Autumn Term 2 – Farmer Duck

This term year 1’s topic is ‘Farmer duck’. In English we role played as farmers and ducks before writing diary entries, letters and our own version of the story ending. In March we visited Stepney City Farm where the children got to feed and draw farm animals. We learnt about grouping animals, their offspring and what animals need to survive. We also learnt about the jobs of farmers and what they do on the farm. We have made animal masks, animal prints using different materials and learnt about the five animal kingdoms.

Spring Term 2 – Transportation (Then and Now)

n English they have listened to and learnt the story of Mr Gumpy’s Outing and used this to write their own stories about going on a journey. In Maths they have investigated numbers and shapes, making patterns and calculating.
They are learning about the local area through local walks, photographs and maps. They have investigated materials and went on an exciting trip to the London Transport Museum.

Summer Term 2 – A trip to the Seaside


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