Our P4C discussion cycle came to a close this week. After exploring our initial responses to a stimulus, both year one classes chose to discuss the following question:

If a person has power, should they try to help everybody?

If someone gets hurt or gets into trouble, we should help them with our power.

. . . But you might waste your power if you help.

I would like to add that when somebody gets hurt we can give somebody our power.

I would like to add that if you help somebody with your power, they might help you in the playground.

If a person has power they should help everybody because it’s nice to help everybody.

. . . But you can choose to use your power or not.

. . . Yeah. If it’s a bad person, they might make things worse and not help.

If there’s a problem, you can choose to do something with your power or maybe you can choose not to do something.

* Year 1 are looking forward to their future enquiries! *

Year 1 parents, please join in the discussion by sharing what you think with your child. You can also complete the comment slip your child brings home and return it to the class teacher.​