Goldsworthy class recently embarked on an exciting journey to the Crossrail Rooftop Garden as this term, we are learning all about plants and the edible garden! This hidden gem provided us with a unique chance to connect with nature in the heart of the city.

To get there, we took the DLR to Canary Wharf. It was great fun and we made sure to be safe when waiting and boarding the DLR. Some of us were waiting for the whistle to blow just like in The Lost Property Office…but that never happened because that only happens at the train station!

Stepping onto the rooftop, we observed towering trees, vibrant flowers and a multitude of plants. We were delighted to explore many textures, scents, and colours which certainly sparked our curiosity.

We then started our observational drawings of our favourite plant. It was a great opportunity to appreciate all the details and textures that different plants are characterised by.

As we reluctantly returned to school, the children excitedly shared their favourite moments:

“The best part was seeing all the flowers and leaves”. (Umayya)
“I loved looking at all the plants”. (Noa)
“The best part was when we went on the train”. (Afif)
“I liked everything”. (Ayaan N)
“The best part was everything!” (Safa)
“I really liked the escalators, the train and drawing the plants”. (Aleeza)
“I liked the bamboo trees”. – Jahiem)
“The best part was the trees, red flowers and pink flowers”. (Saudah)
“The best part was when we saw the flowerbeds on the way to the garden”. (Adam)
“The best part was the flowers”. (Abdul Hannan)

We hope this glimpse into our adventure brings you joy!