We’re going on a shape hunt, we’re going to find some big ones! We have been talking about shapes and thinking about how we can describe them. A circle goes round and a round. A square has 4 equal side and 4 corners. A rectangle has 4 corners and 2 long sides and 2 short sides. A triangle has 3 corners and 3 sides. All the children were ‘independent individuals’ and put their coats on independently to go outside to find the shapes and talk about their facts they have learnt about them. We also found different shapes that are in our surrounding for example the hula hoops are circles and go round and round. We also had a race to see who could find the big shapes the fastest!

We had our first parent workshop this week! very exciting to see parents and children sharing a story together and becoming a ‘Brilliant Bookworm’.

Our rhyme of the week this week, is ‘Row, Row your Boat’ so we have been making our own boats out of junk modelling.

For phonics we have been learning rhyming words, we know that boat and float rhyme- so we have being ‘exceptional explorers’ and finding out what objects float and sink.