by the whole class

The children have had a half-term full of learning and smiles. They would like to share some of their moments with you in this blog before taking a well-earned break and coming back for more fun next term:

Our halfterm has been exciting because we learnt a lot and visited new places. Amira

World Book Day and Steam Day

World Book Day was amazing because we had the opportunity to read new class books. Areen

We read book about different topics. I liked the books that were about habitats. Ayyub

On Steam Day, I learnt and did activities. Hawa

Steam Day had many activities to do such as creating art out of salt; making lava lamps from food colouring and oil; and exploring science. Nahid, Zain, Haydn

What is the United Kingdom?

Our new topic was the UK. We learnt about the flags of the four countries and a lot of other things too. The four countries are England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. Anayah, Rayyan

Each country has a saint and a national symbol. Part of our learning included an interesting trip to Tower Bridge where we walked up many steps to the top to look at the view. Innayah, Azan, Nahid

Easter Hat Parade

We used recycled material to make hats, then we showed them to the whole school in the assembly hall. Adriel

And a little bit more : )