This year the Arts Council have been working with a Bow Artist named Tom Berry. We worked with him last term to create a group of interesting panels based on our five learning dispositions. Our five learning dispositions are to be articulate, curious, reflective, resilient and imaginative. They help us be better people at Lansbury Lawrence. Our artwork recently arrived and we put them up today in the KS2 playground on the football cage, see if you can spot them at our school at playtime or home time. Here is a picture of the artwork!

We created pictures on them over two days and then Tom created the artwork using our ideas. When we first saw the artwork we gave Tom some feedback to help make it even better until we were 100% happy with them. We saw the artwork at Poplar Union alongside some of other schools’ projects. In most of the panels we cut and stuck lots of different things made out of coloured paper e.g. the palm trees in curious. We also made some cyanotypes ,which are when you get objects and put them on top of a special liquid that is light sensitive and changes colour when in light. This means the objects’ out line is left as a print once you take the object of and washed out the liquid. We hope you liked the artwork, we are very proud of them.

-By Rida (Peggy Angus) and Safiyyah (Hokusai)

Bye for now

-Arts Council