On Monday afternoon an ice cream bicycle came to our school. It was so fun eating our ice cream and speaking to our friends.

This week we are continuing with our story The Magic paintbrush.

In Tagore class we have focused on showing emotions through our bodies and faces, without using words. We took turns being the painter Shen, who was nervous but gifted. And the demanding Emperor, who got furious when Shen said no to painting for him. They made angry faces, slouched over, and stomped their feet to show how the characters felt.

Then we made up special dance moves inspired by the story. The kids pretended to paint by waving their arms gently. And marched with their chests puffed out when it was the Emperor’s turn. Using different body parts and energy levels really helped bring the book to life!

“On Thursday, we went on a fun trip to see a huge ship called the Cutty Sark! We took the DLR train to get there.” Aliya

“When we arrived, we saw the massive ship right in front of us. It was gigantic! A nice guide showed us around the whole ship and we got to explore everything.” Ubaid

“We climbed up and down lots of steep stairs and ladders all over the ship. In the captain’s room, we saw his big bed and desk. We imagined him shouting like a pirate captain!” Halima

“Downstairs, we peeked into the tiny rooms where the sailors slept in little bunk beds. It was so cramped!” Zakai