Goldsworthy have began this term with a series of exciting and special events!

The first week back, we were rewarded with ice cream for being outstanding learners! We could choose from chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. Since it was sunny and not too cold, we decided to sit near the edible garden and enjoy our ice cream together while we talked.

We also celebrated Eid with a class party. We ate, partied and played some games! We all looked lovely in our special clothes!

Recently, we went to Mudchute Farm as our learning theme this term is the farm. Before we went, we made sure to know the route we would take. If you ask us, we should know exactly how many stops we have until we get to Mudchute from school!

First, we walked to the DLR station and boarded the DLR.

When we got off the DLR, we had a bit of a walk but we finally made it!

Then we walked through a tunnel of trees until we reached all the animals at the farm…

When we got there, we got straight to business! We observed and collected data based on how many of each animal we could see.

We came across some fluffy and woolly sheep, towering llamas, loud cows, snorting donkeys and we were very lucky to see a horse walking along the path!

One of the farmers very kindly told us all about how he feeds ducks, what duck food looks like and when he feeds them. We were all very interested in this small bit of the farmer’s life.

We also saw some feathery animals like these chickens, roosters and a peacock who screamed and showed his beautiful large feathers to all of Goldsworthy class. We are so lucky we saw the peacock show off his lovely feathers!

Afterwards, we settled down in a grassy field to observe the animals and landscape around us. We chose our favourite animals or part of our trip to draw.

Finally, we started to get a bit peckish and enjoyed a nice lunch at the outdoor canteen and then headed back to school after hopping on the DLR.

Thanks for tuning in and we can’t wait to share what the rest of the summer brings in Year 1!