Hello! This term our guiding question was: What plants are growing in our edible garden? We have had a really busy term and wanted to share what we have been up to! Keep reading to find out…


In computing we have been learning about properties of groups. We could do this by sorting into shape, size and colour. Maybe you can think of more…


We used clay to make faces and they could however we wanted. We added little bits of nature!
We were poking apples with pencils and putting seeds in them. We put strings in them and hung them on the trees for birds and squirrels to eat. – Adam

World Book Day

On World Book Day we reads lots of books and we even got books to take home. We ate special food like biscuits and apple or orange juice. – Aleeza

On World Book Day, we made a sentence. My sentence was a bear was catching me. Ahhhhhh! OH NO! – Samika

We made bookmarks and coloured them in. – Noa


First, carefully put soil into the plastic cup and gently pat it down.

Next, make a small hole with your finger.

Then, sprinkle some cress seeds into the hole and cover it back up with soil.

After that, pour some water into the plastic cup.

Finally, place the plastic cup near the window and wait for it to grow!

If you’re lucky, you’ll have wonderful children who will offer to help tidy up!


For STEAM Day, lots of children ventured into different classrooms to enjoy the excitement of experiments and creativity. In Goldsworthy, children from across the school came to make volcanos. First, they made sure to stick their volcano onto their base. Then, they decorated their volcano to make it look more realistic. Finally, we mixed the dry and wet ingredients to make our volcano erupt!

Signing off with this wonderful artwork by some children in Goldsworthy inspired by Andy Goldsworthy…