Philosophy for Children, otherwise known as P4C, is a subject in which children participate in philosophical enquiry. This enhances children’s thinking and communication skills and boosts their self-esteem. There are 4 skills of P4C which are: caring, collaborative, creative and critical. Here at Lansbury Lawrence, classes from Nursery to Year 6 take part in a weekly P4C session.

Each week we will be sharing stimulus’ and examples of questions that classes have been using and discussing in their P4C sessions.

Reception- What is nature?

Year 4- Do we need to be critical thinkers?

Year 6- Do you need hope to have a good life?

Did you know, each week Dialogue Works produce a HomeTalk pack in order for you to have philosophical conversations at home. This week, the theme is money!

Are you discussing any of our questions at home? We would love to know your thoughts and discussions you have at home- you can record these as a video or as a written response and send them to: