It has been another fantastic half-term here at Lansbury Lawrence and everyone in Lichtenstein class has been having great fun and learning a lot along the way.

First to English, this term we have be doing some amazing creative writing for the Tower Hamlets creative writing competition. Lets take a look at some of the work tat Lichtenstein has been producing.

This is Tahmid’s opening to his story!
This is Fatima B’s build up!
This is the climax to Hannah’s story!
This is the resolution to Shahidul’s story!

Throughout this half-term we have been following along or theme of space in our layered reading sessions as we rifle through the pages of ‘Cosmic’. This follows the story of a 12-year-old boy, Liam, and how he came to be stuck in space and how he will get back to his family and friends.

The book that’s been keeping us laughing these last 7 weeks!

Now to maths, this half-term our focus has been on fractions. We have been finding fractions of amounts, changing improper fractions to mixed number fractions (and vice versa), finding equivalent fractions and multiplying fractions by an integer. Lichtenstein class have been engrossed in their maths learning and finding it very interesting, here are a couple of examples of some work that we have been doing.

A worksheet completed by Safiyyah!
Ayham getting 100% on this piece of work!

This half-term in our curriculum work we have been focussing on computing, the Solar System and the Islamic religion.

In this particular lesson we were discovering the key functions of a mosque and this is a reflection by Lorien on what she learnt in this lesson.
Here is Najibah’s work on the Solar System and which order the planets are in. Najibah has also highlighted some key facts to do with some of the individual planets!
This is a piece of work by Fatima Z on how the Solar System works together and she has been looking in greater details at the eight planets that occupy it.
Here we have Ahsana and Shahidul showcasing their computing work. In this lesson we were working on Google Drawing and creating our own penguins!
Here is Saklain and his very colourful penguin!
Here we have Saahis and Aaqib showing us their finished product!
Here we have Arifa’s reflection on our lesson!

It has been another brilliant half-term here in Lichtenstein class and we all feel that we have achieved so much, we cannot wait to continue our progress and learning next half-term!