As the autumn leaves fall, signalling the end of another term, it’s time to wrap up the chapter of learning that Goldsworthy and Kapoor have experienced in these past few months.

Our topic this term was about Kings and Queens: are they real or only in fairytales?…we took great interest in finding out where castles were built and why. We have also been learning about Queen Elizabeth and King John – drawing comparisons between them to find out why power has changed as a result of the Magna Carta.

During computing, we have been refining our use of freehand tools and painting tools to recreate art pieces inspired by artists Piete Mondrian and Henri Matisse. We have also been thinking about whether we prefer the use of drawing with a pencil or on the laptop…most of us prefer the laptop!

In English, it was so exciting to venture out and dig a goblin trap in preparation for writing a text about how to catch the goblin king. Look below to see in case you ever come across one!

We have been working hard on collaboration and listening in Philosophy for Children. In our warm up, we played the mirror game where we had to work together to make sure we were always doing the same actions but the challenge was no partner was leading the other!

In R.E., to learn about Christianity we have been acting out the stories that are important within the religion such as The Nativity and The Lost Son.

Thank you for tuning in to our blog!

Goldsworthy and Kapoor