Today’s blog is written by everyone in Delaunay Class. We hope you enjoy it.

Yesterday, we went to explore the wild garden. We took our whiteboards and pens so that we could write down phrases and adjectives.

Here we all are ready to explore.
Busy writing.

First, we closed our eyes and listened to the sounds of the wind. We noticed it sounded like ghosts surrounding us. We also heard it rustle through the trees.

Here is a sentence we all wrote together.

Then we noticed some moss. Joe the Gardener has been teaching us about moss and Fungi recently. We wrote this sentence about the moss.

We also noticed some fungi growing on some dead wood so we wrote this sentence together.

When we got back into our classroom we made a mind map of words and phrases from the wild garden.

Fatima’s Vocabulary Map.
Aisha’s Vocabulary map.

Thank you for reading, we hope you enjoyed our blog. Check back soon for more amazing writing from Delaunay class.