Dear Parents and Carers

Please see the end of this week’s newsletter for news on the Active Together programmme, starting next week at Lansbury Lawrence. If you would like any further information, please see Maureen, our home school liason officer. Maureen also runs a coffee morning every Wednesday, which our whole community is very welcome to attend.

It Takes Guts!

Year 3 went on a trip to the Science Museum to learn more about our theme this half term, which is The Human Body. First, we looked at lots of interesting objects associated with medicine and the human body, including a real human heart! After lunch, we has a really interesting workshop about food and our digestive system. We saw how digestion begins in the mouth with our teeth and saliva breaking down our food. Then, the food goes down our throat and into our stomach, where gas from the food get released…this is why we burp! Finally, the food travels through the intestines, where all the nutrients gets taken out and sent into our blood. The rest then gets pushed out of our body as poo!

School Council visit City, University of London

Our school council were invited to City, University of London, to discover what university life is like and what opportunities are awaiting us there. We took a tour and found many facilities we don’t have in primary school like a radio station, broadcasting room, a library that has 10 floors and a Costa Coffee! We were also treated to a brief snapshot of what taking a course in journalism would be like. We explored the broadcasting rooms and played around in the radio booths. We then talked about writing headlines that give the reader the information they need. The 5 W’s (who, what, when, where, why) and had to match up mixed 5W’s to create a coherent story. All the news articles we looked at are from the current news and it was very impressive how much the children understood and were able to piece together. In the afternoon, we had a special workshop learning about politics and how we are all involved in politics every time we vote, debate and even protest. We started talking about what issues we felt affected us right now and decided to create a protest pack to shout about our causes and get our message heard. We worked in four different groups but there was a common theme throughout – climate change. We made banners, posters and stickers and took to the street to shout about our causes. Greta Thunberg would be proud!

Habitat Hunters!

On Wednesday, the RSPB visited year 2 to run workshops with us in our brilliant school grounds. First we watched a video and learnt about the variety of animal species that live in great Britain. Did you know there are Dolphins and Whales in our oceans? Next, we got ready for our adventure. We were given a habitat chart, stickers and a map of our school. Once we were ready, we lined up and went to the secret garden. We found so many habitats including wildlife stacks, a pond, soil, rock piles and trees. Next, we went to the Edible Playground. After that we went to the wild garden and found a special Stag Beetle habitat which wasn’t even on our sheet it was so special. We learnt that Stag beetles lay their eggs underground, then the baby beetle stay underground munching on rotten logs for 4 years before coming to the surface to find a partner. We had such a wonderful time exploring.

Exploring WWII

Year 6 spent some time exploring different artefacts related to World War II, this week. We discussed what they might have been used for and the impact they had on the lives of those who used them. Many thanks to Tower Hamlets Library Services who supplied the artefacts.


Tuesday 21st January

Year 1 to Museum of Childhood

Friday 24th January

Year 4 to Tate Britain

Friday 31st January

Year 5 to Buddhist Centre

Active Together

Family Sport & Physical Activity

The Active Together Programme is delivered by the Bromley by Bow Centre and is funded by Sports England. The programme works with families with children up to 11 years old, aiming to improve their lifestyle through behaviour change and getting them more physically active. The programme started delivery at primary schools and community centres in February 2019 and has already seen a massive interest from the school community with over 90 families registering and regularly attending sessions delivered at the schools, in the community and at the Bromley by Bow Centre.

Participating families have been provided with free fruit snacks, pedometers to measure their steps and a family Action folder containing useful information about different aspects of the program and also as supporting information for topics covered in sessions such as:

  • What is Physical activity, its benefits and how much we need to do daily to stay healthy,
  • Barriers and challenges families face when trying to be more active and eat better and how to overcome these barriers
  • Information on nutrition, diet, food and hydration,
  • Information about services available in the community as well as events and initiatives around the borough.
  • Any other information that families feel might be useful to them.

In addition families have taken part in taster sessions of:

  • table tennis
  • Cardio exercises
  • yoga
  • football
  • aerobics 

More taster sessions such as cricket, netball, hola-hooping and many more are planned for delivery in the coming weeks.

Active Together

Family Sport & Physical Activity

10 week family activity sessions starting on the 20th January 2020 at Lansbury Lawrence School

  • weekly sessions 3.30-4.45
  • families welcome