The weekly challenges are whole school wider curriculum activities for you to engage with at home, perhaps with other members of your family joining in. Do send in your finished work via Google Classroom or to your teacher; this could be a drawing, photograph, film, piece of writing – the more creative the better!

The fourth challenge is a well-being challenge, as this week is Children’s Mental Health Week. We want you to express yourself! We all have lots of different emotions and feelings, especially now, and that is absolutely fine. It’s important for us to understand our different feelings. How do we let people know how we feel? We express ourselves! Can you express how you are feeling through art, music, drama, jokes, dressing a certain way, or dancing? Express yourself in any way that makes you feel good. Find out more below…….good luck!

Express Yourself Challenge
Saafiyah expressing herself through poetry
Express yourself through jokes!
making Miss Dickman laugh!
Taqwaa likes to express feelings through drawing
Things that make Maimouna feel happy
Express yourself through ballet
Express yourself through traditional clothing
The things I like to do
Juweriyah’s joke
I like to wear simple clothes!
Arts and crafts make me happy
Five jokes!
The Happy Dance!

Knock Knock

Who’s there?


Tank who?

You’re welcome!

From Fatima

Going outside and feeding the birds