Hirst Class would like to thank all members of Lansbury Lawrence for making our time so special, memorable and inspiring. Many of us have been here since Nursery and we would like to thank all staff who have worked with us throughout our school for helping shape us into the children we are today. We will leave Lansbury Lawrence with knowledge, confidence and resilience and believe we can be anything we want to be! Thank you! Here are a few of our favourite memories:

My favourite memories are when we we were in Year 4 when we did the Tempest for the Shakespeare Festival and when we went canoeing as it was our first trip for 2 years! Yusuf

I really enjoyed performing in the end of year show. I liked learning the dances and the songs. It was great fun! Tanisha

My favourite memory was canoeing because we worked together as a team. It was very tricky, but we support each other. Rayan

I really liked the Red Nose Day event because we had to find the red noses hidden all over the school. It was really fun. Fatima

You have been a fantastic year 6 class, we are so proud of all you. We wish you all the best for the future, please come and see us in the new year. Have a fantastic Summer, we will miss you all. Ms Naidoo & Miss Wiley xxx