Our second day of the Year 5 residential is beginning in earnest; after a delicious breakfast, we are cruising along the country roads on our way to Walberswick Beach. The children are enjoying the sight of endless fields, grazing animals, ponds & village life.

Breakfast at Ringsfield Hall

Walberswick Beach – Crabbing

“Crabbing was fun, we caught one of the biggest crabs in our group! For lunch, I liked the tuna sandwich, then we had an ice cream and went on the swings. I’m excited to go in the game room later!”


“We are having so much fun, I wish our adults could see how much we’re enjoying crabbing, being at the beach and being at the campfire.”


Walberswick Beach – Boat Ride

“I liked having the feast ice-cream, it was very good and had lots of chocolate. I liked the boat ride, I got to drive it and hold the steering wheel. In the house, we had a good view of the trees and a meadow.”

Tasnim A

My highlight so far is the bedrooms, they’re nicely organised. Also I liked hearing the stories on the boat ride. I’m looking forward to going to the games room.”


Walberswick Beach!

I want to stay in Suffolk!

Tasnim R

Lunchtime, ice-cream and swings!

We had so many adventures, I’m having the time of my life!


Back to Ringsfield Hall for Woodland Activities

Shelter building, fire-making, making dip for our homemade bread

We woke up early today, breakfast was nice because we could choose our own toppings. Then we went on the coach for a long time, but once we got to the beach it was worth it. My group went to the beach to play first, we all got wet! Then we went crabbing; Manha and I caught 7 crabs! Altogether we caught 19 crabs, the biggest of all the groups. After that we had a boat ride and we got to drive it too. We saw seagulls using binoculars and learnt about a local smuggler.”


Stay tuned for further updates on this page later today; updates will be shared via the school Twitter during the day.

Day 2 Itinerary