This week is STEAM day! We have been carrying out lots of experiments! Our first experiment was learning about germs and how they spread. Germs are soo tiny that they can not be seen! but we used glitter and noticed that everything that Abbe touched the ‘germs/glitter’ would stick to it! This means that our germs travel on everything we touch. YUCK!! It is very important for us to wash our hands with soap, so that we can get rid of the germs.

Our next experiment was to make GIANT bubbles, this was a bit of a fail but we will try again and see if we can make GIANT bubbles again by mixing cornflour, washing up liquid and water.

We then had tried to change the colour of flowers- We coloured the flowers by voting on a colour, counted what colour had the most votes, adding water and food colour and recorded the change over time.

We have been talking about how things can change state- So we made some ice by putting water into the freezer. We then spoke about things being healthy and wanted to make a healthy snack. So we made some Mango Lassi! We poured some mango, double cream, natural yoghurt, ice and milk into a blender and covered our ears because it got a little noise. After that we were able to try the yummy Mango Lassi.