This term, in history, I have learnt about Poplar Rates Rebellion and how it started.In 1921 the government was greedy at that time and the rents were the same as everyone and the wealthy didn’t want to have the same rents as the poor so the government said that for the poor the rents will be higher and the counselors said NO so they started not to pay the rents and the poplar counselors got arrested and other councilors started to copy them and the government saw that the people will not pay rents so he made all rents the same then in 1928 women got votes.

By : Afseen Kayum.

This term, in geography I have learnt about the poplar rates rebellion. Poplar was a very poor place in 1921 and they were forced to pay big rates or they would get arrested by the police. So one day george lansbury a british politician who was mayor of poplar and led the labor party from 1932 to 1935 changed everything for poplar. “I wonder why us poor people have to surfer taxes when other rich people pay low taxes?” so when he had his chance he made a march cold the poplar rates rebellion.

From aliu

This term, in Art, I have learnt about printmaking. It was difficult for half of us, when we actually did the print making, as we had to stick the cardboard w/ foam onto our Sketch books. It sounded easy, kinda, but when we stuck it on, the print for most of us didn’t look right. Most of us, after that, had to work on to our Sketch books to make the print look better.

Another thing we did was drawing curvy buildings in our Sketch books. The person who built curvy buildings was Zaha Hadid. She created all types of curvy ones, going from down to up, and up to down, ones that make you dizzy, and other! Most of ours looked ok when we drew one, or some.


This term, in p4c, I learned about Mr Bucket losing his job.His boss went to him and told him he would not work here ever again. He went home and could not tell Charlie about losing his job. Mr Bucket’s wife came out and encouraged him about what happened in the factory . He could not tell Charlie the truth.

When Mr Bucket was chatting to his wife, Charlie overheard what Mr Bucket was talking about. The money was very tight for Charlie’s bucket has no money to get a new job but he still loves his family so much.

Caring thinker
A caring thinker is helping someone and listening to the person when they are speaking. And when someone is sad you give them good advice on what happened.


This term, in music, I have learnt about swing music, using songs such as ‘Hey Mister Miller’.We used instruments for instance claves and glockenspiels and we were taught how to also use actions in our performances.

When singing we did scat music which is making your voice sound like an instrument.Our beats in the songs we sang were either syncopated or off beat.Using the instruments we improvised music and even did our own solo! At some times we would all sing in harmony to make a class album.Jikeleza was also a song we had practiced, however this song was more of a smooth and windless song


This term, in HRE, I have learnt about a healthy relationship between friends and family. We also looked at different concepts to see what we could change for a good relationship.

We looked at relationship quality for example love, kindness, forgiveness and we also looked at relationships like siblings, parents and friends.

By Andy

This term, in History, I have learnt about the suffragettes, which was a group of women that wanted the right to vote as they thought it was not fair that men could but women could not because the government declared women less significant than men.the suffragettes thought it was unfair that men were to be superior to them.

To get attention they burnt and destroyed property so they could get arrested and have more people know about their course.they never let men into their group.they also cared about the richer women and left the working class to suffer.

However,they also cared about the women they fought for.they went to prison together and they started hunger-strike which is when you starve yourself,do not have any food but you can have water.Hunger strike lasts for days or even weeks.


This term, in computing, I have learnt how to be safe online. To be safe online you will need to be extra careful. Our main lesson was to be safe,appropriate,careful and sensible online. To prevent scams and information give away. And how are packets,images, messages and video calls sent ? well the thing they need is door number ( if you are in a flat you also need their floor number ) address,street and name(please make sure its the people that you ever called or order from).Also we even did a write about korea and we had to different ways to communicate other than talking to each other across the classroom that is it for our first computing lesson.

Our second lesson was about how you can communicate with other people. There are many ways there are whatsapp,snapchat,video call,face call,tik tok and ps5/4/3 so that’s how people communicate with other people in other countries. And easier than mailing in other countries like they did in the olden days, that’s it for our computing lesson for the term. Yusuf

This term, in History, I have learnt how the Poplar Rates Rebellion (PRR) affected London, the people of poplar and life today. Poplar was a poor borough, and still is, so they had money problems because they were forced to pay when they had small paying jobs.

London was affected because it caused a large campaign resulting in many arrests for disagreeing with the laws. Famous women and men were arrested, including George and Minnie Lansbury.

People Of Poplar
The people of Poplar were affected because when news was declared that the rules were changing, Poplar celebrated for the fairness and justice now spreading through London. But when the richer boroughs were coming to know the new law, they were annoyed how the poor were now treated like the rich.

Life Today
This affected life today because without the PRR, Poplar would be treated unfairly and we would have to follow the rules that didn’t make life fair. It is also the reason we can vote for a leader and we have money.


This term, in Art, I have learnt how to print art onto paper and entered the Young London Print Prize competition. We made the print by using black ink and making our own design. And stick it into our sketch books,then we could make another one so I am going to teach you how to make it. First you need a thick layer of paper and then you can make your design by using foam , then take the roller and roll it into the ink and cover your paper with foam on it .

Then you can push it down onto any layer of paper then that means you have finished and made a print.

Another thing we have been learning is about Zaha Hadid. She was an architect from Baghdad, in Iraq and came to England as an immigrant. Her art was amusing to see as some of her buildings were really curved, and she made the aquatic center for the olympic then she went on to make more fancy buildings but then in 2016 she died and left her legacy onto her family


This term, in Science, I have learnt about how the human body works well, the heart. In this part of this blog, I will talk about the impacts (good and bad) of diet, exercise, drugs and alcohol.

A balanced diet includes 1 oily portion of fish, 1 portion of non-oily fish a week, have lots of fruits and vegetables and drink lots of water. An unhealthy diet includes having too much salt and sugar. Remember, poor diets can lead to deficiency of vitamins. Undereating can cause illnesses, overeating can cause many diseases.

Exercising increases your heart rate plus it can boost your confidence and energy level! A lack of exercise can weaken your immune system. During modern times, everybody lives on the internet which means less people exercise. Additionally, exercise can uplift your lifespan.

Drugs and Alcohol
Everybody knows that both of these items will impact your body negatively especially having too much. Of course, legal drugs are medicine given to you by doctors. Both these products will affect your body.

-By Manha

This term, in RE we have learnt about four different types of religious beliefs. Christian beliefs, Muslim beliefs, Jewish beliefs and Hindu beliefs. Some of them have the same beliefs as others and some of them are not the same as others. All the beliefs have good and bad aspects which is Heaven and Hell.


This term, in Computing, I have learnt that when someone you don’t know is commenting to you.
And what you do if they try to ask for your private information . If a stranger online is asking for your password , address or someone else you know is information you should block them , report them and Tell someone you know and trust like your parents .

Another thing we did in Computing was seeing what is fine to share with other people and what’s not appropriate To share with others . We should be careful online as you can get scams , false information and apps that the public can see, not just one person .

Apps like tiktok , instagram , facebook and social media should be used by older people and not kids as apps can be posted or text inappropriate stuff . If you do something online just make sure that your
Address , house number , full name , phone number , email address and your password is safe .
As well, we learnt that you should be respectful , safe , kind and careful even if someone is being rude and not safe or trying to scam you . Even in Computing we have been seeing if apps should be private or public , one to one or one to many , adverts or no adverts , the age limit and one-way communication or two- way communication.


This term, ,in geography we have gone on a Poplar local walk about geography. In this walk we explored ancient place such as :the Poplar Rates Rebellion moral,the old poplar town hill ,poplar baths and the old part of the museum of canary warf .We went to these places so we can explore the history past it and because we all wanted to know how these places were like . All of these places were left behind by the people of the Poplar Rates Rebellion or memories of the people that were important in the time of the Poplar Rates Rebellion. this all started in 1921 people were imprisoned because they couldn’t pay the increase of rent thirty people were imprisoned by this stupidity of the rise of rent including George Lansbury and Minnie Lansbury these two figures are really important because George was a british politician and the mayor of Poplar and led the labour party and Minne Lansbury was the daughter in law of George because she was married to one of the sons of Elizabeth Brine and George Lansbury.

From: Ayesha

This term in science , I have learnt… about the heart, blood, blood vessels, exercise and diet.

In the lesson about the heart, we found out that the heart pumps the blood around our body to keep us alive as it is a vital organ in the left side of the chest. The heart has four chambers that have oxygenated blood and deoxygenated blood which is a cycle that keeps on going until we die.

In the lesson about the blood, we learned that the blood transports Hormones, oxygen, nutrients and water to all around the body. It is the red liquid that is pumped around the body by the heart. Facts, watermelons help the vein grow bigger. The blood also fights the infection in our body even if we know or don’t know. As well as it can be a white blood cell or a red blood cell.

Blood Vessels
In the lesson about the blood vessels, we learned that the blood vessels are a narrow tube which our blood flows through including the arteries, veins and capillaries. Some blood vessels carry deoxygenated blood and some blood vessels carry oxygenated blood.

In the lesson about exercise, we learned which was how long should kids do exercises for and how long should adults do exercises for. We went on the NHS website,which was safer than Wikipedia, to see how much exercise we all should do, not just kids as well as adults.

In the lesson about the diet, we went on the website on the NHS because it had all the information and was more safe and trustworthy than Wikipedia. We learned how to maintain a good diet and not let us go and be overweight which could course diabetes and many more like death.

Md Khalid

This term,in music, we have learnt about swing music songs such as ‘’Hey mister Miller.We have used instruments such as the calves and glockenspiels.We also learn about an arpeggio which means 4 notes up and 4 notes down.

When we sang as a class we did scat music which makes your voice sound like an instrument.also when we sang together we were in groups and each group had to take turns using the claves and the glockenspiels and the other two groups were just singing or doing the scat music.


This term in P4C we learnt about Mr Bucket losing his job as a factory worker when he lost his job he didn’t tell his family because he loved them so much and admired them. Mr Bucket was jealous of the robot taking his job. Mr bucket also had no courage as well because he could never tell them.

Mr Bucket had no choice to keep his job or else he would get fired and never will get the job back. When they built the mechine he had no choice but to get out of the factory and find another job and move on from it.

The robot had more power over Mr Bucket and the others that worked there and he also could not tell Charlie about him losing his job and he overheard the truth when his dad was telling his mother what happened at his job. Ayan

This term, in Pe, I have learnt how to play netball. For our warm ups we practiced running and we split into groups of four and practiced our passes. Next we were split into teams and played a mini tournament . When we started we barely knew how to play netball but know we have all improved playing netball. Some of the skills we worked on were pivoting, passing the ball , working as a team and shooting the ball. Everyone was successful on these skills.
One thing I enjoyed about Pe was how everyone was communicating with each other. Another subject we did was cardio and we learned how to be flexible and how to gain strength. Some examples of what we did are bridges, the jumping jacks and we did balancing burpees, standing on one leg. There were several stations and at each station we had 45 seconds to do the activities and then we had 15 seconds to rest and then move on to the next. We usually did this activity every wednesday and on fridays we learnt how to play netball.


This term, in French, I have learnt the different subjects in french.I have learnt ‘the’ in feminine,masculine,regular and plural. For example,les sciences,it’s ‘les’ and not la,les or l’ because sciences are plural.All the subjects we learnt are l’informatique(computing),les maths(maths),les sciences(sciences),le français(french),le sport(sports/PE),le dessin(art),la musique(music) and la géographie(geography).

We also learnt how to say the hour.Hour is’heure’ and we used this to say sentences in French,such as ‘j’etudie le francais a neuf heure.’Which means I study French at 9 o’clock.
Although we say 9 o’clock or 9:00,but in french,it literally translates to 9 hours. Amanuz