In Year 5 this term, we have been expanding our place value knowledge. We have learnt about tenths and hundredths.

We can count in hundredths and represent them in words, fractions and decimals

We have used lots of skills including counting in tenths and hundredths, rounding decimal numbers and column addition of decimal numbers.

This week, we have looked at partitioning decimal numbers with ones, tenths and hundredths.

Standard partitioning – ones, tenths and hundredths

We have had lots of fun using place value counters and part-part-whole models in our maths lessons!

Ms Hodge, Ms Burren and Ms Begum gave us numbers to partition in different ways.

We used our whiteboards and counters to partition the number.
We worked together with our learning partners to write the number sentences too.
5.32 = 5 + 0.3 + 0.02

There are so many ways you can partition numbers! We tried to find as many ways as possible.

Home maths challenge: How many ways can you partition 5.32?