Dear Parents and Carers

Last Thursday we had a special visitor – an assessor from Eco-Schools came in to meet with our Eco Committee. We were being assessed for a Green Flag Award – the highest Eco-Schools award. The Eco-Committee were brilliant, and spoke clearly about all of the work we have been doing to improve energy usage, waste and biodiversity at Lansbury Lawrence. We were very pleased to receive a phone call the next day to say that we were successful in our application and are now a Green Flag school. We will have a flag to fly in our playground soon! Continuing on our science success, we have a science themed newsletter this week. Please do continue to send your Family Science photos in, see the bottom of this newsletter for this week’s experiment. There is also important information on this year’s Harvest food collection.

Using our Senses in Daisy Class

During our learning theme of ‘all about me’ we have been learning about our senses. Last week we tested our sense of smell. We wore a blindfold and smelt a range of different things and had a guess at what they were. They ranged from chocolate spread to mint sauce, from garlic paste to oranges. They were very strong smells and some of them were not very nice.

Riley Class have an Electric Time

Riley class had a fun-packed Science lesson being mini electricians when they were building circuits. They were given some resources – a light bulb, 2 crocodile wires and batteries then had to work out how to connect them together correctly to make a complete circuit. They also had to problem solve when the circuit wasn’t working by changing the materials until their circuit was complete and working. They are confident in explaining how a circuit works so be sure to ask them at home and around the school!

Science is Everywhere!

Thank you to parents who have been taking part in the Family Science experiments that we have been sending out. The children that have taken part have been excited to discuss their experiments and tell us what they discovered. The egg experiments were very exciting (the children in Science club were fascinated by their egg bouncing balls and thoroughly enjoyed smashing their eggs in Miss Clarke’s classroom). Here are some images of our pupils enjoying some of the experiments at home. The look on their faces says it all! Priceless!

Harvest Food Collection

Each year we collect food donations to help people in need within our community. To coincide with World Food Day on 16th October, a day dedicated to tackling global hunger, we would like to ask you to donate an item next week if you are able to. Donated items can include food cupboard (dry) items including cans, jars and packets, long-life milk or toiletries. We will have a collection box in the front reception area. All collected items will be taken to the First Love Foundation, who work to tackle hidden hunger in Tower Hamlets by providing emergency food support. Please bring your donation to school by Friday 18th October. Thank you for your support.

Plastic Unwrapped at Poplar Union

Plastic Unwrapped is a series of three fun-filled workshops which tell you everything you need to know about plastic: What is it; what’s the problem, and how can scientists help to solve it?

Scientists from Kent University will be delivering the five 45mins sessions, which include hands-on activities and experiments, and you will have the chance to ask as many questions as you like, including how you could become a scientist yourself! They are particularly excited to show you the cutting-edge research they are carrying out into alternatives to traditional single-use plastics and will suggest some experiments to try at home.

Each workshop lasts 45 minutes approx. and take place on the hour, every hour, from 10am to 2pm (last workshop starts at 2pm). We advise booking your spot in advance to guarantee a space. Please book for both child and adult.


Saturday 12 October
Saturday 19 October
Saturday 2 November

For further information, click here.


Friday 18th October

last day of half term

Pepper in Water Experiment

You will Need:


  • A small plate or saucer
  • Ground pepper
  • Water
  • your fingertip with washing up liquid
  1. Fill a small plate or saucer with water (but not too full).
  2. Sprinkle some pepper onto the water.
  3. Put your finger tip onto the water.
  4. What happens to the pepper?
  5. Now put a tiny amount of washing up liquid on your fingertip.
  6. Place your finger back onto the plate with the pepper.
  7. What did you notice now?

Questions to ask your child:

 Why does the pepper float on the surface of the water?

Why does the pepper rush away when you add the liquid?

Would it work if you tried a different herb or powder?

 Watch the video for a demonstration and explanation: pepper in water


Take some photos of your child enjoying this family science activity. Send a few, with their ideas and comments, to