What a fantastic day we’ve had in year 3 today! We were doing activities all day about our identities and what is important to us. It was led by two artists from the Tate Britain and part of the Year 3 project led by the famous artist Steve McQueen.

We created lots of things to go in our ‘Vault’, a time capsule that we will open in Year 4. We created a newspaper, designed ‘Belonging Machines’ and wrote letters to our Year 4 selves. Ms Burren and Ms Clarke even wrote secret messages to us that we will only read when the Vault gets opened next year!

At the end of the day, we had a ceremony to seal the vault. Lots of people came to watch including Mr O’Regan, Mr Harrington, Ms Kirkbride and Ms Hopkins! It was very exciting! We won’t see what’s inside again until after we got to the Tate Britain in Year 4….I wonder how much we will have changed?

“Today was fun because we drew our memories and we will get to see them in year 4!”

Zayd – Hepwortb

“It reminded me of P4C because there were no right or wrong answers.”

Sameera – Hepworth

“I can’t wait to go to the Tate Britain next year and read the secret message Ms Burren wrote!”

Mekayeel – Hepworth

“I enjoyed making the Vault because it means we’ll remember all the things we did in Year 3

Maryam – Hokusai

“I liked being able to draw my favourite things.”

Billy – Hokusai