On the last day of our fantastic residential, Kahlo Class visited the beautiful Suffolk Punch Trust farm.

The Suffolk Punch is a special strong horse, chestnut brown in colour, which is looked after by the farmers and volunteers who work there.

We toured the farm on a tractor and met various animals in the meadows – different breeds of horses, sheep with their new lambs, guinea pigs and gerbils, goats and their kids and miniature ponies!

The children absolutely loved the chance to get up close with these beautiful beasts, but we didn’t love the colourful male turkey who decided to join our tour and follow us from stable to stable!

After enjoying the sights and smells of farm life, we enjoyed a lunch on the lawn before meeting Jo – a qualified dog trainer, who talked to us about how smart, resourceful and caring dogs are. She introduced us to her two dogs – Pebble and Eddie – and children had the opportunity to pet them safely if they felt brave enough.

Once we had finished, we hopped on the coach and sailed back to London, full of anticipation of seeing our families again.