There are lots of opportunities for continuing our learning at home. Your child has brought home a pack today, with resources and passwords, to be used in the event of school closure or self-isolation. If you are already off school, there is a pack for your child that can be collected from the school office.

The password next to the Google Chrome logo is for Google Classroom. Teachers will be regularly posting tasks through this platform. To access Google Classroom, please follow this link:

Google Classroom

There are also lots of other further resources connected to learning themes online. Please find website links listed below. You can also research themes online through this website:


We would love to hear about what you have learnt while working from home; email us on to stay in touch.


Year 1 – Our garden

Kew Gardens

BBC Bitesize


Year 2 – Where do I live?

London Bridge

BBC Geography KS1

Great Fire of London Game


Year 3 – Mountains of the world

BBC Bitesize

National Geographic


Year 4 – Explorers

Exploration and Endeavour

BBC – Explorers


Year 5 – Ancient Greece

The British Museum, Ancient Greece


Year 6 – River

London’s secret rivers

All about rivers

Royal geographical society






Movement and Mindfullness


Cosmic Yoga


TTS Activity Books




Non-screen activities you can do at home

25 fun activities

The Great Indoors