Hokusai enjoyed a full half term back in school by embracing their new topics and engaging with their learning both inside the classroom and outdoors. Students learnt about the rise and fall of the Roman empire as they explored the questions, “Who were the Romans?” and “How did Britain change from 43-410 AD?”

Hokusai’s Roman Marching Song

We used our learning to hunt for plants around our school and found out that some types were brought to Britain’s shores by the Romans! Designing investigations in science and using Now Press Play helped us take a closer look at what plants need to grow and stay healthy.

In maths we built fraction walls and used cubes, counters, Learning by Questions and our whiteboards to understand what happens when you have amounts less than one whole. We also realised that bar models are useful for solving problems relating to fractions and other areas of maths.

Using my light tray to help with my number sense.

We all worked very hard and enjoyed this half term. Let’s look forward to the next and make it just as fun 😀

Carbon monoxide safety workshop with Safety Seymour
Speech and Language