Hokusai have thoroughly enjoyed learning all about the human body this half term and answering the question: “How do our bodies work so effectively?”

The learning culminated in independent projects where the children created models, posters, videos and leaflets to showcase all that they have learnt. We’ve been impressed by their efforts and appreciate just how engaged they’ve been while learning from home.

Show-and-tell in our Google Meet
Aisha: “I wrote a report about my body part, and I used a pipe cleaner, egg boxes and little cardboard bits to make it. What is it?”
Yusuf: “We need fibre and different types of food for a healthy body and skeleton.” Tangila: “I made a human body puppet.”
Aysha: “My new words.”
Myles: “My mum helped me make a healthy meal from my menu.”
Tasnim R: “I learnt about the importance of exercise. I planned a whole routine!”

Jamila: “I made a healthy snack with my family at home.”

Noor’s rendition of “Dem Bones”