On Wednesday afternoon Delaunay class had a fantastic workshop led by members of the RSPB.

First we watched a video and learnt about the variety of animal species that live in great Britain. Did you know there are Dolphins and Whales in our oceans?

Next we got ready for our adventure. We were given a habitat chart, stickers and a map of our school.

Once we were ready we lined up and went to the secret garden. We found so many habitats including wildlife stacks, a pond, soil, rock piles and trees.

Next we went to the Edible Playground. We found even more habitats including flowers and a com poster.

After that we went to the wild garden and found a special Stag Beetle habitat which wasn’t even on our sheet it was so special. We learnt that Stag beetles lay their eggs underground then the baby beetle stay underground munching on rotten logs for 4 years before coming to the surface to find a partner.

Finally we came back to class and thanked Jo and Sarah from the RSPB. We had such a wonderful time.