We have been very busy recently. Not only have we been on a trip to Tower Bridge but we also had STEAM day and World Book Day! Phew!

First we had world book day. Some of our teachers put on a funny play of Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl which we thought was hilarious. Then we got to read with some of the year 4 children too.

Then, last Friday we went on the most incredible trip to Tower Bridge. It was a long walk from Tower Gateway DLR station to the museum where we had to meet but we loved going over the bridge and spotting lots of landmarks we have been learning about. We all really like the Gherkin! We had some great workshops where we made stop motion animations about a bus driver called Albert who had to jump over the opening bridge with a bus full of people. He saved them all but was only given #10 and one day off to say well done. We had a tour of the museum and also got to walk over the glass floor which was so scary. We were all really brave and managed to walk across.

Finally on Tuesday this week it was STEAM DAY. We got to go all over the school trying different activities. Ms Hopkins stayed in our class room and ran a workshop making sensory play dough. We learned about the senses and what we could see, smell and feel. It was great and a bit messy but we had a great time thinking how different smells reminded us of different things like perfume and toothpaste. Mixing the colours was great fun also, some of us made lovely colours however some didn’t come out as we expected.

Family fun