This week in year 2 e have had some lovely learning experiences, we have all worked incredibly hard and have had lots of fun too!

First we went of a trip around the KS1 playground with our geography hats on so that we could create some amazing Arial maps of our playground.

Here are some of our maps.

By Nahida
By Noman

We have been waiting to go and explore the edible garden but due to the wet, rainy weather we haven’t had a chance, so yesterday we learnt how to classify minibeasts.

Our learning was amazing and we moved into KS2 learning when we noticed that caterpillars don’t have wings but butterflies do. Labib said “Do they sort of have wings because they become butterflies?” We looked at the life cycle of a butterfly and decided that a chrysalis both does and does not have wings. We later added Praying Mantis’ to the same section because research showed us that some have wings and others do not. We then moved on to our own classifications and had some more amazing ideas that led to lovely learning.