The day was dry as we set out with both Goldsworthy and O’Keeffe Year One classes. We were supported by many volunteering parents who helped us to have safe and informative morning. We really enjoyed the train ride to Canary Wharf and we couldn’t help tripp trapping loudly through the Cross Rail Tunnel.

Year One went to the Cross Rail Gardens to study the exotic plants.

When we arrived at the gardens we were impressed with the tropical feel that the gardens gave you. Partially open roofs with some covering gave it an open feel with added warmth. The children pointed out that the open roof would help water the plants.
What can we see?

Using a prepared information sheet the children and adults had to spot various types of plants. The children enjoyed this as they were keen to tick off the plants they found and eager to share their results. We saw deciduous and evergreen trees as well as many types of ferns. Luckily, the blossom and buds were appearing so we got to see these close up.
Question time! What do we know about plants?
Bam boo!