This half term, the year 4 Science topic is on Animals and Humans. Pupils learned about human and animal teeth and their various functions. They compared teeth in different animals and related this back to the diet of the animal. Then they learned about the Digestive system. They carried out a practical where they replicated how the Digestive System operates. They crushed some food and drink together in a bag to model what happens to food in our mouth and stomachs. Then they squeezed the mixture through some tights to model what happens in the large and small intestines. Eventually, they cut a hole in the tights to replicate how food leaves the body as waste! They were equally amazed and repelled at the idea that they had made some fake ‘poo’. It was an enjoyable lesson with plenty of gasps, moans, screams of disgust and delight. Some amazing learning had taken place, see the pictures below! Please ask them lots of questions about their learning so they can tell you more!