This week in English we have been planning our innovative story. We planned the story and we became story tellers. We shared our stories with everyone making sure to use sequencing language, conjuctions, adjectives and adverbs. We made sure we used our loud, proud voice as well as actions and facial expressions to make our story exciting to the listeners!

This week we have continued to deepen our understanding and knowledge of multiplication and division through lots of practice. We are now very confident counting in 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s. We are also better at counting backwards and this is because we have been practicing in class every day. Our confidence is soaring as we tackle new challenges, all thanks to our daily practice sessions in class.

In our spelling sessions this week, we’ve been diving into the world of syllables! With each word we’ve been breaking them down into their distinct syllabic components, honing our ability to recognize and understand the rhythm and structure of language. Through engaging activities and focused practice, we’ve sharpened our spelling skills by breaking words into smaller parts that helps us to understand how they’re built and makes spelling easier!

We ended our week with computing sessions! We became digital music experts, crafting our own animal-inspired rhythms and melodies. Our classmates joined in the fun, guessing which animals our music represented.
We even had the chance to refine and enhance our compositions, turning our musical creations into a captivating and interactive experience for everyone!

Looking forward to another exciting week ahead!