This term in Science, year 3 have been learning about Plants. They’ve been working with Joe the gardener in the edible garden. They have been looking at the different parts of flowering plants and learning what their functions are. In class, they have been mini scientists by carrying out an investigation over time to learn about how water is transported through plants. They put some white Carnation flowers in different coloured water (achieved using food dye) to see what might happen to the flower. They made predictions and observed the flowers for 2 weeks. Throughout this time, they began to notice colour changes in the white Carnations. Parts of the petals had turned green, or blue, or whichever colour the water was. This taught them about how water is absorbed by the plants and how it is necessary for the life and growth of plants. In the edible garden sessions with Joe, pupils have been examining broad bean plants in its different stages. They have also started sowing and planting broad bean seeds which is very exciting as they will get to observe and track its growth!