Philosophy for Children, otherwise known as P4C, is a subject in which children participate in philosophical enquiry. This enhances children’s thinking and communication skills and boosts their self-esteem. There are 4 skills of P4C which are: caring, collaborative, creative and critical. Here at Lansbury Lawrence, classes from Nursery to Year 6 take part in a weekly P4C session.

Each week we will be sharing stimulus’ and examples of questions that classes have been using and discussing in their P4C sessions.

Reception- What is a hero?

Year 3- Do we have to be grateful in life?

Year 4- Why do people like white people and not black people?

Year 5- Why does wealth affect hearts?

Year 6- Is it acceptable to discriminate against someone for any reason?

Are you discussing any of our questions at home? We would love to know your thoughts and discussions you have at home- you can record these as a video or as a written response and send them to