The weekly challenges are whole school wider curriculum activities for you to engage with at home, perhaps with other members of your family joining in. Do send in your finished work via Google Classroom or to your teacher; this could be a drawing, photograph, film, piece of writing – the more creative the better!

The third challenge is a music challenge. You will be creating your very own rhythmic ostinato. A rhythmic ostinato is a short, constantly repeated rhythmic pattern, which we will be creating by using a number of different household utensils. Things, such as cardboard boxes, pots, pans and plastic boxes. We will also need some beaters to play with, you could use wooden spoons, pencils, knitting needles or chopsticks, anything you can find. Please do ask an adult before using any utensils. Find out more below…….good luck!

Congratulations to WINNER this week – Taqwaa from Tagore Class ! You created your very own rhythmic ostinato using some kitchen utensils. You played two different patterns and kept a rock steady pulse perfectly. Well done!

Taqwaa – Tagore Class

In second place was Remayssa from Kahlo Class with a strong and focused rhythmic ostinato. Well done to you both. Taqwaa gets 10 points for Tagore Class and Remayssa gets 5 points for Kalho Class. All the other amazing entries below, get 2 points for their classes.

Remayssa – Kahlo Class
Ahmed – Hokusai Class
Maidah – Kapoor Class
Housna – Goldsworthy Class
Maimouna – O’Keeffe Class
Muhsina – Tagore Class
Muhsin – Tagore Class
Alexia – Tagore Class
Darnni Hepworth Class
Rida – Hokusai Class