We had many experiences, learning and playing in Hamilton Class. We really enjoyed learning about History and knowing about the past and the present. We brought our baby photos into school so we could compare them and see how we have changed? What do you think?

Have we changed?

Painting and drawing our portraits:

We decided to paint our faces for our portraits and then draw on our features. This helped us to know that we needed eyebrows and eyelashes, nostrils and lips. That you need white in the eye and teeth in your mouths. We hope you enjoy our portraits. We had our headshot photos to help us to draw our faces.

Our Portraits:

Our Maths Learning: We are learning to subitise 3. The children could take 3 ladybugs and then prove it was three by putting them into a triangle.

In Hamilton Class: We play together, learn together, work together, laugh together .