O Keefe class- Amelia’s jumping boots will help you get to more places, quicker!
O Keefe class- Suraya’s long, extending arms can help you grab anything from anywhere
Goldsworthy class- Mingin’s Weather Saver will change any unwanted weather…
Goldsworthy class- Mohammed’s Project Zorgo will fix any broken item, even the fence outside his classroom!
Delaunay class- Imani’s Flying Water Bottle has a camera and mic so it can fly to it’s owner when it is left behind.
Delaunay class- Talha’s armour can protect you and fly too.
Riley class- Akram’s friendly Robot can do any task you ask it to!
Litchenstein class- Saffiyah’s Stair Saver means you can be whisked up tall flights of stairs!
Van Gogh class- Alanya’s Memory machine means you will never forget a memory! It can always be replayed from this device.
Litchenstein class- Fayeza’s awesome Super Air Hat means you will always feel cool in those summer days.
Van Gogh class- Aylah’s lost item finder means you never have to loose your belongings again!
Riley class- with Iyaaz’s Clothes Digitizer, you can put on your clothes digitally!
Hirst class- Aliza’s Finger Print Recognition Cofffee Machine is every teachers dream! It will serve you the coffee you like.
Kahlo class- Fahim’s Friendly Robot will clean up the streets quickly and efficiently!
Kahlo class- Yaqub’s Glasses Phone can be used as a phone yet you can watch what you like through the glass’ lens.
Hirst class- Dianne’s Spy Jewellery with built in cameras and speakers is certain to catch the attention of the FBI!

There were over 200 entries to this challenge so well done to all the children that entered! You all are inventors and winners and I really enjoyed reading through every invention idea! Each class that entered has won themselves a Plasma light ball for their classroom- for all children to explore and enjoy!