Thursday 10th October marked our second in a series of parent workshops for maths in Reception and KS1. Parents and carers came prepared to share activities they had tried at home with subitising and counting with their children. It was delightful to see our community come together to share their experiences of maths at home and to collaborate with one another during the workshop.

How many different ways can you see ten?
One parent said, “I can see 3+3+4 = 10”
Another said, “1+2+3+4 = 10”

We have been learning that everyone can do maths and the answer is only the beginning. For example, today we were exploring the question – How many different ways can you make 10? This gave us all a challenge to see ten in different ways and support one another.

Ms. Hurry introduced ten frames and explained how she uses it in class to support our children with numbers within and to ten.
Adults then participated in an activity to find different ways of making ten.
On one table, adults found many different ways

This workshop had a lovely community feel as we are all getting to know one another in a learning environment. Adults shared their ideas with one another, some moved tables to sit with people they haven’t met before and all worked together and helped each other to be successful. It was a very supportive atmosphere and wonderful to see!

What else can you see? Always challenging for multiple ways to see the concept.
One adult said, “I will use pasta twirls instead of counters when I get home to help my child.”
A parent commented, “I like how you can use different resources to explore the same idea.”
Everyone Can Do Maths!

Thank you for all the parents, carers and family members, who were able to attend today – your support, participation and enthusiasm is what made it successful. Thank you to Ms Hurry for demonstrating practical activities at home and for Ms. Begum for translating and supporting our adults. Our next Workshop will take place Wednesday 20th November 9-9:30am.