Kapoor Class and Goldsworthy Class have been working collaboratively, creatively and critically in all areas of their learning. Here we are bringing the story of ‘The Tiger Who Came To Tea’ to life, through colourful puppets, tiger masks and writing invitations to our friends and the tiger to come to their tea party!

Some of us have been enjoying reading in lots of places!

Adam G and his friends are digging mud for the mud kitchen. They are also helping to carry blocks to the construction site nearby.

In our wider curriculum like Geography and Science, our focus has been on where we live and the countries within the UK…We really enjoyed using our senses to describe and decide what the contents of the balloons were…

In Maths, we have been sorting objects into groups. We discussed multiple ways of grouping objects by its properties. For example, in the picture above children grouped the objects by colour.

Next, we were asked “Can you find another way to group these objects?”. Again, we thought critically about another property they all shared. They organised it in the following way…

They organised it it according to the shape. It looked very interesting and colourful in the end!
They organised our shapes into two groups. One group included cubes and another group had a rectangular shape.
We have also been representing objects in Maths using lots of different resources, like cubes, counters and our ten-frames.
Yaqub and Md Hamza are being resilient and trying to find one less than four…

We have been working really hard by using our phonics to sound out words and our counters to represent numbers!

We really enjoyed building our own sentences and then writing them.
In computing we chose all the objects that were technology.
“Is this picture of Chrisp Street Market from the past or now…?”
We became actors in Goldsworthy and Kapoor when we acted out The Three Little Pigs!
“The tree is physical, a human did not build it, it grew from the ground!”
We decided what features were human and physical in our garden.

As you can see Year 1 have been super busy and they can’t wait to share more about their learning with you very soon!

Thank you for reading our blog!

Kapoor and Goldsworthy