This half term we have been doing lots of wonderful learning at home in Carle Class.

We have been doing phonics!

Michael sang Old Macdonald and practiced using his voice to make farm animal sounds.
Haydn listened to different sounds in our environment and had a go at identifying them.

We have been doing lots of maths at home. Here are some of our colour patterns.

Nahid used highlighter pens to make his colour pattern.
Uzair used his Lego blocks to make his colour pattern.
Scarlett used pens to draw her colour pattern.

Lending Library

Some of us have been having fun coming into nursery for lending library. We have been borrowing book and toy packs and have enjoyed being active and playing with our parents in the nursery playground.

Shafi enjoyed playing football with his Dad.
Hadyn had fun using our climbing frame!
Jeziah had a great time playing football!
Minh enjoyed throwing the hoops outside.
Hawa collected an arts and crafts pack and enjoyed getting creative at home!