Today we had lots of fun activities to help us celebrate the coronation of King Charles!

We made our very own chocolate brownies and decorated them using sprinkles and icing sugar.

We had an amazing ‘picky bits’ lunch and got to have a flag!

Then some of our Parents came into school to help us plant some flowers in the garden.

After reading the story ‘The Kings Pants’ our question for P4C today was ‘What rules would you have if you were the king for the day?’
Amirah- If I was a Queen, I would always get loads of toys and sweets.
Ana- Make sure everyone eats fruits and veggies.
Abdul Hannan- Jump on my bed
Sharah- I would make sure all the kinds will have all the underpants.
Mehreen- When I was a Queen I would be cooking and eating
Simon- I would jump on the bed
Inaaya- Everyone would listen to me.