Like every term, Year 1 children have been blossoming in their learning journey. As we bid farewell to spring it’s a perfect opportunity to reflect on the remarkable progress our little learners have made.

From the very first day of the term, our Year 1 children dived into a world of exploration and discovery. Whether it was delving into the enchanting realms of storytelling, mastering the magic of numbers, or unleashing their creativity through art and music, each day was filled with excitement and wonder.

What have you enjoyed learning about this term?

Ana’s reflection
Simon’s reflection
Fatima’s reflection

Gardening and Forest School

In Forest School, our Year 1 children are not just observers of nature; they are active participants in its wonders. Here, children work together, sharing knowledge, skills, and smiles as they nurture their plants and watch them flourish. They learn the value of teamwork, cooperation, and empathy, building friendships that bloom as brightly as the flowers in our garden beds.

Take a look at what year 1s have been up to…

Ameer and Scarlett are snipping away at the spring onions!
Amal and Adam C are ticking off coriander from their list.
Maria and Sophia are carefully inserting tiny and large seeds into their apples.
Tying a knot was a little bit tricky but children remained resilient!

As we watch our Year 1 gardeners tend to their plants with care and enthusiasm, we are filled with pride and gratitude for the opportunity to cultivate not just gardens but also young minds. And as they continue on their gardening journey, we know that they carry with them not just baskets full of fruits and vegetables but also a lifelong love for nature and a commitment to making the world a greener, more beautiful place.

Thank you for reading.

Enjoy the holidays!